Varenka Paschke

Portraits of the Unknown

This series of paintings were all created in a time of not knowing what tomorrow will bring. 

Most of us would consider that normal, yet one generally has a rough idea of what one’s following day might look like, but when a metaphorical meteorite hits you, time stops. 

Fate pushed my family into an abyss of uncertainty.

The feeling I’m trying to capture is the sensation one gets from having a carpet ripped from underneath your feet and you find yourself momentarily suspended, floating aimlessly. 

Only when the carpet is trauma (especially having people ripped from your life suddenly),

that moment becomes an eternity and time stretches out over an endless landscape without any refuge or escape.

And so your world stops.

And you are in a bubble of nothingness, you watch the world rush on….disconnected from all the hamsters on their wheels.

These portraits are moments suspended in time, in between realities.

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