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“Depicting life through making art in our world is a way of controlling it, almost a way of freezing time, manually. Colour infuses life into all living things, like the energetic brightness of day.

Colour is not a luxury, but a basic need for spiritual wellbeing. Projected manifestations of our own psyches make up a large part of our personalities and therefore define our lives.

I tap my subconscious as well as whatever my conscious brain is busy with to build the foundations for my work. My concerns are largely socio-political as well as the impact man has on this planet. Maintaining this balance between the natural and the technological is the challenge ourmodern society is faced with. My work is a manifestation of this parallel.”


Varenka Paschke in Zin Magazine

ZIN magazine | Sept.-okt. 2022

Beeldend kunstenaar Varenka Paschke in ZIN magazine Het Nederlandse tijdschrift ‘ZIN magazine’ brengt in september/oktober 2022 een speciale editie uit. Zanger/componist Stef Bos is dit

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Moerteiken - Gerard Oonk - DSC09287

Moerteiken | Mother as target

Moerteiken bij Zuid-Afrikahuis English translation below. De expositie “Moerteiken” van Varenka Paschke krijgt een vervolg bij het Zuid-Afrikahuis in Amsterdam in samenwerking met Nuweland.

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